Thursday, April 28, 2011


Todd's going crazy. He finally hit the breaking point. I think the noise got to him. He broke down in screams and demanded we be let free or he would kill himself. So I rounded something up and tied him to the bed. He's right behind me, screaming his head off. He might be trying to drown out the noise. I don't have the heart to tell him it can't be drowned out. It would be better to let him keep at least part of his hopes up. But he'll figure out soon. After his voice gives out, I'm sure. It happened to me the same way.

I guess we'll end up exactly the same. I started off just like him: confused and worried. But I learned to live with it... Nobody's looking for me, nobody remembers me, and nobody cares anymore. I warned Todd it would be bad, but I don't think he understands how bad. I can't explain it to him in words. I guess I'll just have to let him see for himself.

Be right back. Todd's stopped screaming.

I think his voice finally gave out. He HAS been screaming for a little more than 12 hours straight. I think most of it's out of his system now. He promised not to do anything that would kill either of us, so I untied him. You know, he looks pretty much ready to cry. It's depressing. Unlike me, however, he can get a real hug instead of those fake doll hugs.

Oh my. Todd just tried to tell me he'd be in the other room, and almost nothing came out of his mouth. He had to write down what he was trying to say. But that reminds me. I'm going to go make Todd some broth then go join him in whatever he's doing. He looks like he needs some company.


  1. awww be like a big sister to him and help him hug it out. but wow, from the comments of the last post, i may be right about this Sm thing. he said he say a tall tree walking. and the nose... does your friends hear it when they come to the house? and if so mabye it has something to do with him being around. if not. then mabye he put something into you guys.

  2. ...are your friends actually friends, or did they start coming to you when you were trapped here? You said no one remembered you. I wouldn't trust those "friends" of yours if they just showed up after your capture.

    To be honest, Todd's reaction seems the more reasonable one here. You're being brainwashed. Not allowed to leave a place, limited contact with anyone outside a certain circle, horrific noises you can do nothing to alleviate, and a single person (your mysterious man) with whom you can barter for information or supplies. Seems like your captor is trying to instill a bit of Stockholm Syndrome with that last one, to me.

  3. Mr.B, I was the one that said that. Not Todd. He hasn't been on the computer at all since that last post he made.

    My friends claim they don't hear it at all. In fact, they continuously tell me I've got some form of Agoraphobia.

    Can of Lightbulbs, they came to my house as a group about a month after I was stuck here (I think they were going door-to-door selling stuff, if I remember correctly). I was so relieved to talk to anyone in person that I invited them in and we eventually became friends.

    Maybe I am crazy. I don't know.

  4. Hrm. That wouldn't explain how the police couldn't find anyone in the house when Todd called them, though.

    If the sound is psychically-caused, they wouldn't be able to hear it. It seems to be targeted at you and Todd specifically.