Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What. The. Hell.

I was making dinner when I heard a scream come from upstairs. It sounded like someone was in immense pain.

I went up and found a scrawny guy maybe 2 or 3 years younger than me crouching on the floor pulling off a mask. His face was actually smoking. I helped him get the mask off, but by that time his entire face was burned. It wasn't too bad, though. Kind of like one of those blisters you get if you touch something boiling hot. I got out the first aid kit and helped him fix his face up. We chatted a little.

He couldn't remember his name, but he did remember that he lived in a small town somewhere in Missouri. That's out of state from here. I asked him how he got here, but he couldn't give me an explanation for that either. For a while after his face was bandaged and all that, we sat and thought. Eventually he decided I should call him Noah, but I talked him out of it seeing as you guys would probably scream at me for having references to THAT youtube channel. I helped him pick a new name after that: Todd.

Todd tried to leave the house while I wasn't looking (I warned him about the possible danger) but the same thing happened to him as it does to me. So we're stuck here together. At least now I have someone to talk to. You know, maybe I'll let him use my account and post on this blog. Might help him relax and adjust if he has something to occupy his time with.

It's strange... At first I thought Todd was the person who had leafed through my filing cabinet, buuuuuut....he doesn't even know where anything is in the house, so I doubt he's the person who's been going through my house leaving notes.

You know, now I'm glad that my living room couch is a futon. I was going to have it replaced with a real couch, but for now it'll have to serve as Todd's bed. Or mine, depending on who would do better sleeping on the futon.

Oh, Todd says "Goodnight." He's finally going to bed. He's been a bit paranoid and all since he got here, I guess now he's just too tired to worry about anything.

I think I'll go too. Running around looking for the first aid kit really wore me out.

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  1. Well lets hope he is on your side and not being controled by anyone else. See if he knows anything about the symbol, and the unknow person, and slender man