Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to Kill

My internet has been out since 9am. I attempted to call the service provider, but the phones were down too. Apparently they were doing maintenance or something. Everything's back up and fine now, so I'm pretty much okay.

Today was one of those days.. It started off with making breakfast, but no sooner had I turned my back.. It was gone. I'm thinking the mysterious person stole it, but without evidence I can't really say. I had to make myself another serving, but at least the plate turned up an hour later. I gave the house a once-over, but I didn't find anything. Either the mysterious person moves around behind my back or I forgot to look somewhere. I doubt the latter; the former is much more plausible.

I haven't seen the man out of the corner of my eye at all today. It makes me think he's gone and I can return to a normal life, but somehow that doesn't seem like the correct answer. Even so, I wonder if I was simply hallucinating him. Or maybe he was the mysterious person. I don't know.

The rest of the day was actually pretty normal. Strange as it is, it was almost as if I wasn't trapped in my house. I watched TV and played Solitaire all day, sure, but it was actually the most normal day I've had in a year. I felt safe today. It was a good feeling. But regardless, the mysterious person was around today, so it wasn't completely normal.

Nevermind that last thought. I was typing out the final sentence of the last paragraph and heard a loud bang. When I went to check what it was, it turned out that someone had removed the hinges of one of the closets and the door fell to the hardwood floor. It was the closet where I put all the masks I find around the house. In the middle of the mess, I found a naked and faceless doll that looks stretched out of proportion. This is as weird as the time I found a trail of blood droplets leading to the completely blood-covered bathroom sink.

So I've put the door back up. Wasn't easy finding the right screws, but eventually I found the old screws scattered across the coffee table. One of them was stripped; I threw it away and didn't make an attempt to replace it.

You know, I think I've drawled on for long enough. I'll make another post later if I get bored.


  1. How exactly did the doll seem disproportionate? Normal dolls are creepy enough, but naked, deformed dolls are worse.

  2. The arms and legs are extremely thin, and the torso seems a tad long. Because of the torso, I can't tell very well, but the arms and legs might be longer too. The head looks a bit small compared to the rest of the doll. It's proportionate for the doll but disproportionate compared to everything else.

    It looks handmade though. I may try to get one of my friends to sell it on eBay. I've got enough dolls around here.

  3. Could you post the link for the ebay? and where do you live? east, west? Usa, briten, france, germany??

  4. You might not want to do that. Generally, creepy dolls tend to find their way back, if Jonathan Coulton is to be believed.

  5. Mr. B, I haven't yet contacted any of my friends, so I can't get an eBay link yet. If at all, anyway. They may not even want to be around the thing. It IS a creepy doll.

    I live in the US, but that doesn't really matter when I can't leave my house for any reason at all.

    Can of Lightbulbs, that's the guy who wrote Still Alive, from Portal. Right? Or am I thinking of someone else again?

  6. It is indeed. Also wrote a song about a creepy doll, titled "Creepy Doll."

  7. Well so your in the USA, if your on the east coast then i understand why your being "watched". Use youtubr and twitter to talk to EVERYMANHYBRID and Marble Hornets

  8. What does being on the East Coast have to do with anything? Is there a specific type of stalker duo on the East Coast?

    Who are EVERYMANHYBRID and Marble Hornets?

    I don't have a Youtube account, mainly because I don't like google accounts (they require activation by phone. NO WAY). I was thinking of getting a Twitter, but I was unsure because I have this blog and could easily say it all here. I guess I have a reason now.

  9. Yes i think the person whos watching you, watches other people only on the east coast. well that i know of...... do some googleing and trust me, you will then understand it all.

  10. Oh. That's actually quite strange. I guess I can look them up...

  11. oh and idk if you can tell but i kinda am a nice guy and when someone like you doesnt understand whats going on, i try and help ^_^