Saturday, April 9, 2011

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I woke up and the house was trashed. My laptop was missing, too. Took me from 10am to 4pm to clean it all up and find the laptop.

Generally, I don't post until 1pm because there's nothing much to talk about in the mornings when there hasn't been anything happening, but 5pm? That's actually a bit late for me.

So I've been talking with this "Mr. B" in the comments and apparently the tattoo on my left hand might have something to do with this. But let me explain first. I had just moved in and everything looked great, so I decided I'd splurge on something as a little present to myself. In this case, it was a tattoo. I was actually googling 'operator' or something, so I could find a picture of one of those old time operator stations they used to have (Originally, I wanted a full-back tattoo of an old time operator station with the words 'I'm sorry, but no one with that name currently resides in that residence.'), but instead I eventually found this image (Not that exact image. It wasn't in that circle thing and the colors were opposite. That image I linked there was linked to me by Mr. B). I thought it was neat looking, so I decided to get that on my left hand.

Two days ago it was suggested to me that I look up EverymanHYBRID and MarbleHornets on Youtube. Decided to do that last night and it puzzled me. In MarbleHornets, they use the symbol that's now on my hand. I don't think I'm being stalked by this 'Slender Man' or 'Operator' guy and this 'Masked Man' dude, but it's a good possibility, since I haven't seen them (in the man's case, not really. I've seen him, but not well enough to describe him in detail).

You know, before I went to bed last night I heard a chuckle. It wasn't one of those deep chuckles that you would expect from a stalker, but a high-pitched one.. With echo too. It was weird, something I'd expect to hear in Majora's Mask or something. It wasn't, though. I checked the game and it wasn't from there. Hmmm...


  1. I am getting a bad feeling my involement is what casused your house to be messed up. And did you ask him anything today? And if i am the cause, let me just say sorry now. I am only trying to help.

  2. I don't believe you were the cause, but I may be wrong.

    I didn't ask him anything today. I was too busy cleaning up and then making sure my laptop wasn't tampered with.

  3. did you make any food for him?? b/c if you do, it should almost be like secon nature to ask him, and find out if i am the reason

  4. I didn't even make food for myself, let alone him/her.

  5. lolz. see if he will eat anything you make, or out something in his dish to get him sick