Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sorry I left so quickly. I heard some paper rustling under the door and had to check it out. It was another note from the mysterious person. I don't have a camera or a scanner, so I can't show you. I saw the man destroying them both. I tried getting new ones, but those went missing before I could even get them out of the box. I've since stopped trying to get them.

Anyway, the note. It was a really scratchy drawing of a forest in pen. I could kind of make out what appears to be some kind of man standing in the middle. On the top and bottom were sketches of what I think are the masks. It takes up all the white at the top and bottom of the page. In white-out on the top and bottom are the words 'I SEE YOU FOREVER'.

I've gotten hundreds of these notes, all of similar content and fashion. I've actually borrowed a filing cabinet from a friend of mine just so I can sort these pages. I used to keep them in a pile in the corner of my room. At least it's relatively clean here now.
I just don't understand these notes. It's all a mystery to me.


  1. Highlighting towards the bottom of this post shows, "seethepatternseethepatternseethepattern". What does that mean?

  2. Perhaps there is a pattern in the content of the notes based on date. Chronicler, do you have them arranged in any sort of order?

    Also, if you have a scanner it might be a good idea to scan them in, save yourself space.

  3. As I said in the above post, any scanners and cameras I get all seem to disappear once they're out of my sight.

    I suspect the mysterious man wants this blog to sound as fake as a girl who occasionally plays Solitaire on her computer but claims she's a hardcore gamer.