Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Power's Back

Well, the power's been back and hasn't gone out in quite a while, so I'm going to attempt to type up a post.

It's been extremely dark around here. Not even the light of the outside helped. It helped a little that somehow Todd had some form of weak night vision. It was weird, sure, but at least we could get stuff done that way.

I heard someone walking through the house these few nights. It was terrifying. I knew it wasn't Todd, since it was around the time AFTER he was asleep. Todd never heard a thing, of course.

No notes, of course. Why give us notes when we can't read them? It was a relief.

You know, there's not much to talk about. All we did was sit in the dark draining the batteries in the laptop and Todd's handhelds.


  1. I suggest investing in candles and flashlights in the future, just in case. Most people keep a few emergency candles in their fridge or freezer for easy access. If you want to go more old-fashioned, oil lamps are good for power outages as well. They burn for longer.

  2. I had some candles but my lighter was out of lighter fluid and I was out of matches. My flashlights were nowhere to be found.

  3. That's odd. Do you have a gas stove? The pilot lights could be used in case of emergency. Highly unlikely, as most are electric ignition nowadays, but I figured I might as well ask.

  4. Electric. Thought it was gas until I was frying some chicken in a pan, the power cut out, and the stove shut off. It was perfectly good chicken, too, but I was forced to throw it away.

  5. AWWWW i would have loved that chicken... :( well Can is right, get candles and back up lighter fulid