Thursday, April 7, 2011


I took a nap and had the strangest dream.

I was standing in a field, holding a leash. The leash was connected to a person in a hooded cloak. I couldn't see their face. They were crouching next to me. It was like some master/slave relationship or something. And behind me.. Well, I know it was a guy. They had their hands on my shoulders. It was weird.

After I had taken in the situation, the dream started to distort. I was suddenly back in my house, but it was extremely dirty. The lights didn't work; I think the electricity was out. I started to fix everything up, but I heard rustling upstairs. I dropped the endtable I had picked up (the bang from the endtable hitting the floor startled me, actually) and the rustling got worse. I think someone was upstairs. As I went to investigate, I woke up.

I wonder what that was. I've never had a dream like that, especially not one so real. I actually had to go through and make sure my house wasn't messed up.

Made me so paranoid for a minute there.

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