Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the fuck!

I keep hearing this freaky noise. It's like someone took a video, blasted the mic to pick up all sound, then distorted the fuck out of the audio. It's giving me a migraine and I can't even bargain with that stupid as hell grunt for it to stop! All I got was a note that said 'Not my jurisdiction'. What the fuck! I bargained again, telling them to MAKE it their 'jurisdiction' but all they did was ignore me.
And I tried calling the police. Nobody came, so after an hour I called again. They told me they got there and the place was a mess and nobody was around. I then had to give them my name and after a moment they were going to do an investigation because I supposedly gave them a fake name. What the hell is that shit about?!
Shit, I just remembered I had a fake name to begin with. No wonder my name didn't come up on google searches and why the police thought I gave them a fake name. Oh well. At least when the police do their investigation  they'll be able to get us the fuck out of here.


  1. hmm todd, ask anya, if she can hear it. and what do you meen you have a fake name? did you tell us the real one? and i get the feeling the police will never be able to help you out. ever.

  2. In the first post mentioning me, Anya said I had forgotten my name. And it's true. I can't remember my real name. I can remember everything but my name. We had to make up a name for myself so Anya would stop calling me "Hey you". Which was fricken annoying, if ya ask me..

    And yeah. Anya says she hears it day and night. Goes on for a week then stops for a while, apparently. She's almost constantly complaining of headaches and when the advil doesn't work she resorts to shit tons of caffeine. Man, I hope I don't get like that.

  3. Do you by any chance have sound-cancelling headphones? Might help if the sound is actually a physical one and not a psychic phenomenon of some sort.

    Have you tried seeing if the outside is different during the times with the sound? Could be that it's connected somehow, like the sirens in Silent Hill signalling a change of worlds.

  4. Sound-cancelling headphones don't help. I tried that the first time it happened because I thought some idiots were remodeling a house and the entire lawn with it.

    And the outside is different during times with the sound. When I first was stuck here, I tried leaving multiple times, once when the noise was bad. It was darker and the flashlight didn't light anything up, despite being on.

    I kept that thing on from the time I was out until I was back in. As soon as I walked inside, I noticed it was lighting things up again. It's like when I was outside the darkness was physical, covering up the light or something.

    It also doesn't make matters any better that I saw a huge tree walking my way, as well as heard people screaming.