Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uh... Hi.

Uh, hey. This is Todd. I noticed Anya posts here a lot starting at around 1-3pm and decided to give an update on that. I went to bed around 1 or 2, but she didn't go to bed until after I woke up and she made me breakfast at around 9 or 10. I don't have any idea what the fuck she was doing in that time, but she's probably not going to wake up for another few hours or so.
Yes, she asked me to post on this blog. And I'll do just that. I've seen a few of her friends and they freak me out. I'm going to avoid having to talk to them, but I'll need to talk to more than Anya all day. It's bullshit to have only one person to talk to. Total bullshit.
And on that matter, who the FUCK are her friends? The few I saw talk down to her and have this fucking scary tone to their voices. It's like they're the baddies or something.
And yeah. Anya told me about the bargains you can make with that "mysterious person" bullshitter. I bargained breakfast and lunch for all my consoles and handhelds and games and DVDs, just about all the stuff that'll make my day better. I fucking got all of it. ALL. OF. IT. It was all hooked up, too. No scratches on any discs, all the games played.

So yeah, that was my day. Of course, you know Anya's: stayed up for longer than she was able, fell asleep, still asleep now. Guess I'll change the font and whatever... woah, all these fonts SUCK.


  1. Do her friends seem to pity her? Or just think she's crazy?

  2. They don't seem to pity her at all. They talk to her as if nothing's wrong, but when directly asked about this mess, they avoid the question! It's like they know more than they let on. Anya's obviously gone a little stir crazy, but due to them freaks she isn't one of those shut ins that talk like they should be in the crazy house.
    What I can't understand is this man that Anya keeps talking about. I've never see him. And the notes? I've never gotten any. I don't know if she's making it up, but what I do know is that for some reason leaving the house turns the whole world into one of them Silent Hill otherworld spots. It's seriously fucked up.

    Man, wish I could go back home.

  3. Well know we know her real name, unless its just a nick name. But Todd, so he is bargaining with you now? hmmm that is very weird. So can you rember anything befor where you are now? like where did you live befor, what did you do for a living? Sorry if it comes of as meen, i am just trying to peace stuff together. Like if you look at alll the postings, you'll see that i talk to her, and try and giver her info to help her. Also, i told her to bargen for info from this unknow man, so you migh want to do the same. But good jbo on geting your games, waht you get?

  4. Oh, she wasn't telling you her real name? Fuck my luck then, she'll probably be pissed.
    I can remember everything from before except my name. Store clerk born and raised in Missouri. Weird, huh? Though I am a forgetful guy... I once forgot how to speak english. It wasn't a good day. It rained all day and nobody spoke to me because all i remembered how to speak was random spanish I learned in school and mostly forgot.
    And yeah, the guy's bargaining with me too. Though I had help. I got all of my games, even the shitty ones I was planning on selling. I've got a pretty good library, mostly playstation 2 games but there are some 360 games too. Then there's all my PSP and DS stuff. Gotta have that shit too.

    Gotta go. Anya woke up 30 minutes ago and is saying it's time to change the bandages on my face.

  5. Just realized this: You don't know her real name and it's on the bottom of the page in the copyright section?

  6. Hmmm thats a twist. I think the unknow guy is slender man, and hes know for being only on the east coast. Sounds awesome dude, any games work, better then being bored or being on the internet like me. Tell her i said hi. and dude i never ever saw that at the bottom. i dont thing anyone did damn....

  7. also can you find out if you can only bargen when its like a meal time, like dinner time, or when ever foood is made

  8. The only bargaining I can make is with meals. I've tried money and random stuff in my house, but nothing other than food works.

    All the games work, which is odd, since I asked for a music CD at one point and got a broken copy, with refusal to replace it.

    Todd's in there busy with his games, playing Silo Hell or something. I don't know. He was talking so fast I didn't catch it clearly.

  9. hmmmm thats weird. and lolz at todd. see if you ask for something you already have, and see if he brings you it or a new copy.

  10. I can't ask for something I already have, since it's already in the house and it's kind of stupid to ask for something of yours that's in your posession, but I could probably get Todd to ask for something else.

  11. But we could find out if he takes things from your house or from somewhere else, mabye see if you can ask for something and say i want this item brand new.