Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm getting back into the routine of things. Less groceries means we can't trade things with the mysterious person any longer, but I can accept that. There wasn't much to trade food for anyway, not anything allowed.

You know, Todd's really getting into the creepy stuff now. He wasn't much of a fan or whatever before, but now he reads it every night. And just this morning he somehow got me into a discussion about something he called "Ben Drowned" or something. He said it involved my favorite game in the entire world, so I at least agreed to watch the videos and read the story tonight after it gets dark. Pretty stupid, if you ask me. He's actively trying to make me hate the game, I swear. It's creepy enough already...

Oh, and speaking of Todd, he was so happy to see me when he woke up after I got back... That he kissed me. On the cheek, thankfully (We're just friends. I've never thought of him otherwise.), but still. That was weird! I would have never guessed he liked me that much. I thought he was like he is because I was the only person around to talk to.

Got some notes, too. "OUT OF THE LOOP," (An image on my computer called "mprtntdoc.jpg" that, when opened, caused my computer to play the 'got an important item' jingle from some 8-bit game. The image was one long line from top to bottom of the image.), "FORGET WHAT I SEE," and "BELIEVE" (This one was written in a scrawly but recognizable form of Todd's handwriting). Again, I don't have any clue what any of it is supposed to mean. The last one having Todd's handwriting is kind of suspicious, but I've also seen the handwriting of notes go from unrecognizeable (Most of the notes) to one of my friends' handwriting (A rare few of the notes).

Oh my god, I left that soup on the stove, I think I better go turn it off before it boils over!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hath returned.

I woke up here last night. Todd's been asleep for a while now. He doesn't even know I'm back. I watched the news a little and the police are trying to find me. They know of the first place I'd be, right here at home, but their raid of the house left them mostly empty handed. I don't understand how that can be, when I've been sitting in the exact room where they found a large stash of masks and took all of them as evidence (none of them are gone, by the way. All of them are still sitting in the closet).

Link arrived with a bunch of groceries about an hour ago, as if he forgot to go to the store this week. It wasn't as much as usual, but he made an attempt to explain what was going on. Not that I cared. For some reason, I'm just happy to be back. Where I was when I was out wasn't very pleasant. I don't want to talk about it in detail, but I WILL mention that it involved about 10 doctors thinking I'm mental and nobody answering my phone calls. And that twitter message I sent? Those doctors found out. Wasn't a fun day.

I see Todd hasn't been posting at all. Not surprising, seeing as the first few weeks of being totally alone besides some people you barely know are really hard. I mean, I'm used to it, but Todd's never had to sit, confined in a house, alone for weeks on end. Not that I know of. I should've told him the Twitter password. Maybe then he would've at least said something. But from the looks of his face (I see the burns from having that mask on his face have healed, so maybe he doesn't need bandages any more) I can tell he's been playing his stupid games too much. He probably got on and played all night, every night. I know I would have, if I were him.

I got notes while I was out, too. I don't see any evidence of there having been any notes here. I think the note phenomenon is centered around me, and Todd only gets them as an afterthought. It wouldn't be that far-fetched to say so. I mean, in this entire phenomenon, Todd is like the afterthought. The guy brought into the picture and nearly forgotten. He's gotten the least notes, the least crazy activity... I can't figure anything out from it right now... I'm still kind of foggy from whatever crazy drugs they were giving me while I was out.

I think Todd has woke up. I should go say hi.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This! Is! Insanity! *Kick*

I've been around, but not sure what to post. Anya usually helps me think of some content on boring days, but now everything's weird. I've left whatshisface a note saying I can't feed anyone except myself anymore, and I've yet to get a response. Somehow, I doubt that anyone's listening.
I think I've deciphered what happened, sort of. I don't know why, but someone (possibly our jailer. Yes, I'm calling him/her/it a jailer) took her away. To where? I'm thinking from the way Anya was talking that they thought her story was bullshit and her identity was fabricated, so they locked her in some crazy house with the genuinely crazy ones. Now, 4 or 5 hours away? That's a big stretch. May be so no one can identify her. I haven't gotten anymore calls or Twitter messages (Yes, I saw that), so I can't say if I'm right or not. Just a guess.
And I read an actual newspaper today, even though it was just one of those small town newspapers. Anya's friends brought it for me to see. Appears the police came and raided this place because someone saw some guy who wasn't with the cleaning crew (We don't have a cleaning crew, so what the fuck?) walking in and out of here periodically, but they found nothing. "Alister" says his girlfriend's brother said that at least one officer was holding a stakeout here. I checked the house but no one was found.
Oh, and I finally got groceries. Not too much. Just some packages of ham, bread, water flavoring, and about a ton of instant noodles. No soda, no candy, no breakfast food, not even a pack of gum. "Lizzy" said everyone's been on a financial crunch since "Paul" lost his job (this proves my suspicion that they all lived together) and they couldn't afford to buy me some damn groceries. Well, at least there's some food, now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Some things came up. Couldn't post, and I don't know the twitter password.
First, it's just me now. Anya disappeared. She said she was going to check the attic for something she hadn't seen in years, but she never came back down. I poked my head in there to check on her, but she wasn't there. Made a shitty meal to trade for info, and that was as useful as cryptic bullshit can be. "WILL RETURN" is all I got. What I'm thinking is that it means whoever took Anya from the attic (how? I don't know. I didn't hear anything and there was no sign of a struggle and I was sitting at the foot of the attic stairs -the only way into the attic- the entire time) will return her. But I don't know.
Second, Anya's attic is WEIRD. Fucked up, even. Old, almost ancient scribblings all over about seeing and darkness. I checked that entire place top to bottom to make sure she hadn't suffocated in a trunk or something, but once the light burned out I had to get the hell out of there. I didn't want to stay up there in the dark.
Third, I did get a call from Anya about three days ago. It sounded like a cell phone dropping a call. I could barely understand her, but she did say she couldn't hear anything from my end. She said she was dropped off about 4 or 5 hours away, and something about a mental hospital. I've been trying to call her back, but the phone hasn't been working properly. 
Fourth? I don't know. It's been really lonely here. I didn't realize how bad loneliness was, before. Anya's friends didn't stop by like they usually do on Tuesdays when they bring a week's worth of food. Hopefully there'll be enough to last, but if I had known there wouldn't be more food this week I wouldn't have ate so much of it already. 

I guess that's it. I'll just go now. Maybe I can wake up and this will be a dream.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


We found out that Todd's consoles cause the computer's internet connection to short out. It didn't stop him from playing all of his little Xbox Live games, but it DID stop me from getting on the internet.

What we found out about the tape was where Todd remembers it was in his dream. He found it under a half-open floorboard under a toppled couch. We checked, and indeed it looks like something was there, but it was just an empty hole under the floor now. We put that floorboard back and decided to offer it to the mysterious person. Left him a note that said "Take this and bury it in the backyard" along with lunch. Thankfully, he took it and we haven't seen it since.

Todd's been really into anime and manga lately. He had my friends go out with his money (The last $100 he had on him, too. It was a gift card, though) and buy him all these DVD sets and manga volumes. It was crazy. He got a LOT of Zelda mangas, and the DVDs were for stuff like Axis Powers: Hetalia and Azumanga Daioh. He claims he's going to make me read the manga and watch the anime, but I doubt he can make me. Though that Hetalia stuff looks kind of cute.

Other than the exciting stuff, there was a few notes gotten. I think some of them were covered in dried blood, but I can't be sure. They were really creepy. I can't even explain how creepy these things are. But there's nothing I can do about them, except file them away.

You know, nothing's really been happening since Todd showed up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


My friends all attempted to fix the tape. None of them could get it better than total static. They said that might be all that's on it. I couldn't do anything but agree with them. My friends aren't technical geniuses, but they know how to get VCRs to play troublesome VHS tapes.

To reiterate on the last post, I wouldn't have been three. I would have been two. I mean, I'm only three years older than Todd. Not four.

Anyway, back to the VHS tape. The title IS rather odd, but I'd bet that if all that's on the tape IS static, then it's just a scare tactic. I'm sure of it. It can't be real. It just CAN'T. It's impossible to go forwards or backwards in time, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Hell

I had the weirdest dream. I was still in Anya's house, but it was different. None of her furniture was around, and the furniture that was (it wasn't hers) was toppled everywhere. The place was a damn mess and both the front and side doors were open. I looked around for someone on the first floor, but nobody was around. All I could find was a VHS with a weird label, which I picked up. I began walking up the stairs after that, when I realized there was a mask on my face. I couldn't pull it off, either. I gave up after a moment when I heard someone. I tried to talk, but that didn't work either, so I peeked around the corner, into the bathroom. I saw someone there. They had a flashlight, so I couldn't see them well. My eyes were trying to adjust to the light. But when I was just about able to see them.. I woke up.
That dream was so realistic that I must have sleepwalked. I ended up waking up in the same spot I was in the dream. Anya said she had been calling me for ten minutes, but after that had found me walking around and was trying to wake me up. The damn VHS tape was in my hand. Anya said I was holding it when she found me.
We popped the thing inside some old VHS player we found in the attic, but all we could get it to do was play static the entire time (We tested the VHS with other tapes, and this weird one was the only one that didn't play). Since neither of us have any experience with getting broken VHS tapes to play, all we could do was put it away and ask her friends later.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the tape is labeled "Todd and Anya's Play Date, 1993 March 13, California". That's weird, though. I wouldn't have even been born, Anya would have only been 3, and neither of us have ever been to California. In fact, we've never lived in the same state.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The noise is gone. Thank god. It's finally gone.
Bad thing is that I saw that guy for the first time. You know. That guy. I saw him from the back as I was scanning the area. Anya can't believe I saw him full on, but it's true. I saw him. The moment the noise stopped, there he was, out in the garden. Bald as a baby's butt and looking like he was going to some funeral. Kind of like that bald guy on some show one of my friend's watched. Said the guy was an observer, but not of what. Kind of confusing, but same concept.
And as confused as I am about the situation, I'm actually okay with it. I actually kind of like it here. I know Anya probably thinks I'm a whackjob. Don't care though. Do not care at all.
But to be honest, I can't be alone anymore. As much as I'm okay with being here, I'm freaked out enough that being alone in a room is terrifying. Anya understands that and doesn't complain when I follow her around and attempt to join in on what she's doing, but it probably bugs her. A lot.
You know, I don't think our captor's goal is to make us fight, either. I think his goal is something tedious and not worth shit.