Sunday, April 10, 2011

Giving out Aliases

Since the few friends I have are one of the few topics I can talk about, I've decided to give them aliases because saying things like 'the guy I asked to sell this doll on eBay' is a bit long. Basically, here's what's what:

eBay guy = Alister
Short girl = Lizzy
Tall girl = Cremia
Beard guy = Paul
Blond guy = Link

So yeah, that's what they're going to be called from now on. Not to their face, but as an alias so I don't reveal their identities. I know if I gave their real names at least two of them would get a bit angry. However, I did give them aliases based on what their name started with. It makes it easier for me to remember the aliases.

Anyway... Lizzy brought back the DVD she borrowed from me, along with a few DVDs she thought I would like out of her own collection. I think I may have freaked just a little when I saw one of the DVDs was one of those homemade DVDs, but it was Legend of Link. Even though it's crudely made and all that, it's still my favorite. I laugh every time I watch it.

She came with Link today, too. He said his car was in the shop and he had to get a ride from Lizzy. From what I understand, they're neighbors, so I guess that would make sense. He wanted to see if he could borrow the movie Lizzy was returning, that was about it. Must have been a busy day for him if that's all he wanted.

Other than that, I made the mysterious person breakfast again.. This time I asked if I could meet them face to face. The meal went uneaten until I changed the payment to another trip outside. Maybe later I'll make another meal for them and ask if I could see the man face to face. Just maybe. Not entirely sure I want to, actually.

Augh, I have the worst headache. It's all this noise, I tell you. It's preventing me from even enjoying my favorite movie. I should go lay down, but I'm just too busy with all these notes and masks I've been finding today.

Better go. There was a thud downstairs again.


  1. you should ask him to stop the nose. and thats weird tthat he wouldnt alow it you to see him.

  2. Yeah, it is weird. I guess I'll ask him to shut the noise off when I make dinner tonight.