Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm back

I guess I'm back. I have no idea what's going on. My head hurts, I can barely sleep... Anya's said I was sleepwalking last night, but to where she had no idea because she stopped me and corralled me back to bed. I can really understand why I always thought she was so odd, now. It's because she has to live with all this shit that neither of understand, with the only contact to the outside world being internet, television, and some freaks neither of us even know can be trusted. I swear, the next time they come over I'm going to do things that aren't going to be told here. I don't even know if they read this blog, and if they do then I don't want them knowing my plans.
Then there's all these notes. Now, I've seen some of the notes from before, and they had a distinctly chaotic writing. These are different. The handwriting is different. I don't know if Anya notices it, but I do. Hell, my friends and I used to study different handwritings so we could forge signatures for school trips and all that. I really would know whether or not it's different. The messages are different, too. They're still cryptic, yeah, but fucking hell... It's like the "mysterious person" was replaced with freakin' Hannibal Lector. I could just imagine them being read in that kind of voice, too.
Damn this noise. Damn it. I can't think. Everything I've thought in the past ten minutes has been written down here. I'm not even going to check this thing for anything out of place. I'll leave it exactly as is. I think I'm gonna go now. I'm definitely going to go now. Man. This is bullshit. Fucking bullshit. Man, I'm gonna go. At least when I get off of here I have a friend who can give me working advice. Sorry guys, I know you try to help, but in this situation Anya knows best. Okay, so I'm just gonna go now. Maybe play a game or take a nap.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Things to do

After I left yesterday, I sat Todd in the living room and gave him some broth to drink while he watched TV. While he did that, I made a checklist.

1. Lock all of his horror games, ESPECIALLY Silent Hill, in the filing cabinet.
2. Take his flash drive and make all of his horror music on it HIDDEN.
3. Put up parental controls on the internet so he can't access anything that would make him worse.
4. Hide the key to the filing cabinet.

So I've done 1, 2, and 4, but 3 is being difficult. I can't search the ENTIRE internet and block EVERYTHING. I may just have to monitor his computer usage.

Poor kid. At least his face is getting better. Those bandages may be able to be permanently off in a week or so. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But still, poor thing. I'm sitting in here with him while he's playing little nice games I've set out for him. Maybe it'll take his mind off of things. Though I didn't have quite the selection to choose from, video games helped me learn to drown out the noise. Unfortunately that DID have the unintended effect of making me have a headache. Not that it wasn't worth it.

Woah, he just threw the controller down. Better see what that's about.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Todd's going crazy. He finally hit the breaking point. I think the noise got to him. He broke down in screams and demanded we be let free or he would kill himself. So I rounded something up and tied him to the bed. He's right behind me, screaming his head off. He might be trying to drown out the noise. I don't have the heart to tell him it can't be drowned out. It would be better to let him keep at least part of his hopes up. But he'll figure out soon. After his voice gives out, I'm sure. It happened to me the same way.

I guess we'll end up exactly the same. I started off just like him: confused and worried. But I learned to live with it... Nobody's looking for me, nobody remembers me, and nobody cares anymore. I warned Todd it would be bad, but I don't think he understands how bad. I can't explain it to him in words. I guess I'll just have to let him see for himself.

Be right back. Todd's stopped screaming.

I think his voice finally gave out. He HAS been screaming for a little more than 12 hours straight. I think most of it's out of his system now. He promised not to do anything that would kill either of us, so I untied him. You know, he looks pretty much ready to cry. It's depressing. Unlike me, however, he can get a real hug instead of those fake doll hugs.

Oh my. Todd just tried to tell me he'd be in the other room, and almost nothing came out of his mouth. He had to write down what he was trying to say. But that reminds me. I'm going to go make Todd some broth then go join him in whatever he's doing. He looks like he needs some company.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the fuck!

I keep hearing this freaky noise. It's like someone took a video, blasted the mic to pick up all sound, then distorted the fuck out of the audio. It's giving me a migraine and I can't even bargain with that stupid as hell grunt for it to stop! All I got was a note that said 'Not my jurisdiction'. What the fuck! I bargained again, telling them to MAKE it their 'jurisdiction' but all they did was ignore me.
And I tried calling the police. Nobody came, so after an hour I called again. They told me they got there and the place was a mess and nobody was around. I then had to give them my name and after a moment they were going to do an investigation because I supposedly gave them a fake name. What the hell is that shit about?!
Shit, I just remembered I had a fake name to begin with. No wonder my name didn't come up on google searches and why the police thought I gave them a fake name. Oh well. At least when the police do their investigation  they'll be able to get us the fuck out of here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry about that guys. I was taking an Easter break and got wrapped up yesterday in a fun game called Portal 2. Todd says his family had a tradition of sending little Easter baskets with wrapped gifts (a la Christmas) and candy in them, so I decided to go with that. So I've been playing his games a lot lately so I'd know what to get him. I eventually decided on The Orange Box. I asked Link to go get it for Xbox 360, but he came back with the PC version since he couldn't find the other.

He opened his basket first, since I got to bed so late and he got up so early. I woke up with Todd playing Half-Life Episode 2 on my laptop and eating a giant chocolate bunny. I got up and opened my basket. Portal 2 for the Xbox 360 was in it, along with a box of Good and Plenty. So, since then that's all I've been doing. After a while, Todd got up and went in there with me to watch me play Portal 2, WHILE he played Portal 1. It was crazy, but at least we have something to talk about now.

Got a few notes in the meantime, but nothing big. Just the normal stuff. Haven't seen that man out of the corner of my eye for a while now. Either it's because I'm sitting lower than the window, or he's gone. Either way, it's wonderful to get a break from all of the stuff that's been going on.

I just realized something. Every time I get a note, Todd is in another room. I never see him find a note, because if he does, he's in another room. There's something about that that seems wrong, but Todd doesn't think there's anything suspicious about that. What if (and I know this may sound crazy) Todd is the mysterious person, and he doesn't even know it?

I should go. To find some proof.

EDIT: The title of this post didn't sound appropriate after looking at it for a second....

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sorry, haven't been posting. I know, I know. But Todd wants the blog to have only one post per day, so it's been kind of weird. I know the blog should have more posts than I can manage, but Todd wants manageable nonsense. Going to try to get Todd to say one post a day per person, though.

And he's so neat, too. He's cleaned up this entire house in the time he's been here. Almost like a maid. He demanded demands for the mysterious person  as payment. I gave them to him, but none of his demands worked. It appears that physical objects can't be obtained unless you already own them. I guess I'll have to get my friends to get what he wants, even though he hates them.

I don't get why Todd hates my friends so much. He says they freak him out somehow. They act normal to me. Well, relatively normal. I don't know what's normal nowadays. It might be black-clothed gothic crybabies and a group of people that all look the same because it's "unique" (And I still say, it's not to be in a group of friends that all do and wear the same things.) ... I have no clue.

Well, I stopped for a while just to make lunch. Needed to bargain for a replacement glass. The other day I heard something shatter while Todd and I were taking a break from playing some stupid game. Walked into the kitchen and a glass was shattered into pieces on the floor. And you know, I actually got the replacement glass AND an apology. I had no idea the mysterious person was polite enough to replace the glass even though they don't give us anything new.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Anya explained just about everything, but I still don't understand. She's around here somewhere looking for ways to explain but I don't think I'll get it.

We bargained for a new TV today, didn't get that. So we changed the bargain to another fucking piece of cryptic nonsense. I don't even know how she survives this crap. Her friends are weird as hell, she talks to herself and doesn't know how to deal with other people.. I don't get her at all. We've been explaining eachother to eachother but it's like she doesn't explain enough! And then when she dissappears at night... Oh, it's like 2-3am now, she just up and disappears. It's weird enough that she says I dissappear, but she dissappears now too!

On another note... I don't know. I'm already going crazy and I've only been here for not too long. I mean, Anya's been stuck here for a year now. How she's stayed as sane as she is, I don't know. She's probably half crazy though.

Bored. Gonna go watch TV.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


That's weird, Anya suddenly walked into the other room and started playing Bioshock. We both previously found that she doesn't like that game at all. Denial, much? The game's on full blast, too. It's funny. She's darkened the entire room and is screaming like every time there's a jump scare. I think she actually likes it, but I want her to play a little more of the game before asking. She MIGHT just be playing to make sure she doesn't like it. I can't tell but it looks that way.
I checked the news today, too. Nobody's looking for me. It's as if I never even existed. I googled my name and nothing came up for me. I tried to call my sister but when I finally got the phone to work my sis was saying things like she never had a brother, which is absolutely crazy in all hell. Fuck, I can't tell if this is one big joke or if it's real. And Anya wouldn't tell me anything about it. She'd get all quiet and look at me with this look as if she was saying 'shit dog, you're fucked' or something. I am going to get her tell me everything. Fricken a, this is fucked up.

Power's Back

Well, the power's been back and hasn't gone out in quite a while, so I'm going to attempt to type up a post.

It's been extremely dark around here. Not even the light of the outside helped. It helped a little that somehow Todd had some form of weak night vision. It was weird, sure, but at least we could get stuff done that way.

I heard someone walking through the house these few nights. It was terrifying. I knew it wasn't Todd, since it was around the time AFTER he was asleep. Todd never heard a thing, of course.

No notes, of course. Why give us notes when we can't read them? It was a relief.

You know, there's not much to talk about. All we did was sit in the dark draining the batteries in the laptop and Todd's handhelds.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Power keeps going on and off, no time to post.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Question

Hey guys, Anya just asked if she could play my video games with me after dinner. Oh shit, what do I do? What game should I play with her? I have NEVER seen her show interest in video games before other than Majora's Mask. I mean, I have a bunch of games I could play with her, but I don't know which to choose. She may not like the game I choose, even! I've at least boiled it down to choose from about 10 games, but I don't know which one to choose! Here's the list:

Silent Hill (PS1/PSP)
Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Fable (Xbox)
Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
SoulCalibur IV (360)
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)
Theresia: Dear Emile (NDS)
Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP)
Monster Tale (NDS)
Tales of Vesperia (360)

So which do I choose? They're all good games, but since I don't know what Anya likes it's a hard choice. Should I let her pick, or recommend her one of the games listed above, or what?

Well then

I had a dream last night. Todd was looking at me without a face. I knew it was Todd because I don't know anyone else who owns a Charlie the Unicorn T-Shirt. But he was looking at me without a face. It was horrible. Just.. staring at me. It was horrible. He just stared at me the entire time, without his face. I've looked it up and apparently TV Tropes says it's called "the blank". That's about the gist of it. It was like looking at Bianca from the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, except you couldn't give that blank a face.

Todd says he had a similar dream, except he didn't know the man before him. He said the man staring at him was really tall, too, but since they were a distance apart he couldn't tell exactly how tall.

When we woke up, only one note was waiting for us. It was for Todd. It was a threat, I'd say. I don't know what it means. "THE BLIND WILL NEVER SEE", it said, along with a drawing of trees. I made a new section in the filing cabinet for Todd's notes and filed it away. It looks like these things creep him out. I wouldn't blame him.

I also asked Todd if he knew anything about my tattoo. He claimed that it looked familiar, but his buddies are 'creepy pasta' junkies and probably showed him an image or two of something like that and he simply forgot. Todd said he remembered some of the stuff his friends showed him and that he would show me, so at least we have more to do. You know, something tells me that his friends aren't the ones that showed him the stuff, that HE was the one looking up all of that.

We bargained a little more today, too. Todd got his flash drive back, so he's been checking out whether or not something's been added/deleted for a while now, but I finally got the computer back to post. I think he's okay with it, seeing as he got all his little video game figurines back, too. He's over in the newly dubbed "game room" arranging all the figurines around in a way he accepts. They're cute little things, so I can't complain.

You know, I feel like taking a little break from blogging to get to know Todd a little more. That may require a lot of time playing video games with him, but if it helped me understand him and trust him a little more... You know the gist of it. So... If I don't post, you know what I'm doing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

allwork and noplay makesanya adullgirl

Uh... Hi.

Uh, hey. This is Todd. I noticed Anya posts here a lot starting at around 1-3pm and decided to give an update on that. I went to bed around 1 or 2, but she didn't go to bed until after I woke up and she made me breakfast at around 9 or 10. I don't have any idea what the fuck she was doing in that time, but she's probably not going to wake up for another few hours or so.
Yes, she asked me to post on this blog. And I'll do just that. I've seen a few of her friends and they freak me out. I'm going to avoid having to talk to them, but I'll need to talk to more than Anya all day. It's bullshit to have only one person to talk to. Total bullshit.
And on that matter, who the FUCK are her friends? The few I saw talk down to her and have this fucking scary tone to their voices. It's like they're the baddies or something.
And yeah. Anya told me about the bargains you can make with that "mysterious person" bullshitter. I bargained breakfast and lunch for all my consoles and handhelds and games and DVDs, just about all the stuff that'll make my day better. I fucking got all of it. ALL. OF. IT. It was all hooked up, too. No scratches on any discs, all the games played.

So yeah, that was my day. Of course, you know Anya's: stayed up for longer than she was able, fell asleep, still asleep now. Guess I'll change the font and whatever... woah, all these fonts SUCK.

What. The. Hell.

I was making dinner when I heard a scream come from upstairs. It sounded like someone was in immense pain.

I went up and found a scrawny guy maybe 2 or 3 years younger than me crouching on the floor pulling off a mask. His face was actually smoking. I helped him get the mask off, but by that time his entire face was burned. It wasn't too bad, though. Kind of like one of those blisters you get if you touch something boiling hot. I got out the first aid kit and helped him fix his face up. We chatted a little.

He couldn't remember his name, but he did remember that he lived in a small town somewhere in Missouri. That's out of state from here. I asked him how he got here, but he couldn't give me an explanation for that either. For a while after his face was bandaged and all that, we sat and thought. Eventually he decided I should call him Noah, but I talked him out of it seeing as you guys would probably scream at me for having references to THAT youtube channel. I helped him pick a new name after that: Todd.

Todd tried to leave the house while I wasn't looking (I warned him about the possible danger) but the same thing happened to him as it does to me. So we're stuck here together. At least now I have someone to talk to. You know, maybe I'll let him use my account and post on this blog. Might help him relax and adjust if he has something to occupy his time with.

It's strange... At first I thought Todd was the person who had leafed through my filing cabinet, buuuuuut....he doesn't even know where anything is in the house, so I doubt he's the person who's been going through my house leaving notes.

You know, now I'm glad that my living room couch is a futon. I was going to have it replaced with a real couch, but for now it'll have to serve as Todd's bed. Or mine, depending on who would do better sleeping on the futon.

Oh, Todd says "Goodnight." He's finally going to bed. He's been a bit paranoid and all since he got here, I guess now he's just too tired to worry about anything.

I think I'll go too. Running around looking for the first aid kit really wore me out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I caught a little stomach virus and slept for an entire two and a half days. I don't know who posted that Kirby video here, but I think it was Cremia. She WAS the only one here for the past two days, making sure I didn't die in the night or something. I think I have it so I'm always logged in, so she may have hijacked my blog a little.

She was looping that video the entire time, too. Just like it said in the post.

At one point I may have been hallucinating. I saw some scrawny guy in a hooded cloak rummaging through the filing cabinet that holds all of the notes. I can't find that they took any, so it must have been my imagination. Cremia denies ever hearing the filing cabinet ever opening, too.

But other than that, there wasn't any of the usual weird stuff going on. In fact, there were a few times when I would think Cremia had gone home or something then a few minutes later she would still be around fussing about me wordlessly, and that was the only weird thing that even happened.

It's so good to be back up and about, though. I feel so much better.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm suddenly addicted to watching the cutest little video!

Thought I'd share it with you guys, seeing as it's probably what I'm gonna be looping for the next six and a half hours. lol

Giving out Aliases

Since the few friends I have are one of the few topics I can talk about, I've decided to give them aliases because saying things like 'the guy I asked to sell this doll on eBay' is a bit long. Basically, here's what's what:

eBay guy = Alister
Short girl = Lizzy
Tall girl = Cremia
Beard guy = Paul
Blond guy = Link

So yeah, that's what they're going to be called from now on. Not to their face, but as an alias so I don't reveal their identities. I know if I gave their real names at least two of them would get a bit angry. However, I did give them aliases based on what their name started with. It makes it easier for me to remember the aliases.

Anyway... Lizzy brought back the DVD she borrowed from me, along with a few DVDs she thought I would like out of her own collection. I think I may have freaked just a little when I saw one of the DVDs was one of those homemade DVDs, but it was Legend of Link. Even though it's crudely made and all that, it's still my favorite. I laugh every time I watch it.

She came with Link today, too. He said his car was in the shop and he had to get a ride from Lizzy. From what I understand, they're neighbors, so I guess that would make sense. He wanted to see if he could borrow the movie Lizzy was returning, that was about it. Must have been a busy day for him if that's all he wanted.

Other than that, I made the mysterious person breakfast again.. This time I asked if I could meet them face to face. The meal went uneaten until I changed the payment to another trip outside. Maybe later I'll make another meal for them and ask if I could see the man face to face. Just maybe. Not entirely sure I want to, actually.

Augh, I have the worst headache. It's all this noise, I tell you. It's preventing me from even enjoying my favorite movie. I should go lay down, but I'm just too busy with all these notes and masks I've been finding today.

Better go. There was a thud downstairs again.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ran Amok, Much?

I finally got him to talk. Not much, but enough that it was a concerning offense. Here's how it went down. This is all paraphrased, by the way.

Me: What is this? [I gestured toward the doll sitting on the table near us.]
Him: A doll. Just a doll.
Me: Why are you afraid of it?
Him: It's a bad omen for it to have appeared.
Me: What does that mean?
Him: Bad things are going to happen. I'm sure of it.
Me: Okay... Then who left it?
Him: Dunno. [At this point he looked quite serious.] Could be anyone, really. No one who left it would remember ever being here, though.
Me: Why wouldn't they remember breaking in and leaving something like this?
Him: It's things like that that you don't remember. You know, I bet you've.... Well, in any case, I don't know why someone wouldn't remember it.
Me:'re not going to take it and sell it, are you?
Him: I don't think I should even so much as touch the thing.
Me: And you're not going to explain why my tattoo was in that Marble Hornets fake ghost bullshit, are you?
Him: I didn't see your tattoo in that. How can I explain what isn't there?
Me: Okay.....Then what---
Him: [He interrupted me here.] I think I'm gonna go home now. I've got an early day tomorrow. [He started walking toward the front door.]
Me: Alright. See ya. [I saw him out after this.]

It was after he left that I realized that I forgot to ask what he bet I did. Whatever, I'll ask when I see him next.

Generic one-word post title here

I woke up and the house was trashed. My laptop was missing, too. Took me from 10am to 4pm to clean it all up and find the laptop.

Generally, I don't post until 1pm because there's nothing much to talk about in the mornings when there hasn't been anything happening, but 5pm? That's actually a bit late for me.

So I've been talking with this "Mr. B" in the comments and apparently the tattoo on my left hand might have something to do with this. But let me explain first. I had just moved in and everything looked great, so I decided I'd splurge on something as a little present to myself. In this case, it was a tattoo. I was actually googling 'operator' or something, so I could find a picture of one of those old time operator stations they used to have (Originally, I wanted a full-back tattoo of an old time operator station with the words 'I'm sorry, but no one with that name currently resides in that residence.'), but instead I eventually found this image (Not that exact image. It wasn't in that circle thing and the colors were opposite. That image I linked there was linked to me by Mr. B). I thought it was neat looking, so I decided to get that on my left hand.

Two days ago it was suggested to me that I look up EverymanHYBRID and MarbleHornets on Youtube. Decided to do that last night and it puzzled me. In MarbleHornets, they use the symbol that's now on my hand. I don't think I'm being stalked by this 'Slender Man' or 'Operator' guy and this 'Masked Man' dude, but it's a good possibility, since I haven't seen them (in the man's case, not really. I've seen him, but not well enough to describe him in detail).

You know, before I went to bed last night I heard a chuckle. It wasn't one of those deep chuckles that you would expect from a stalker, but a high-pitched one.. With echo too. It was weird, something I'd expect to hear in Majora's Mask or something. It wasn't, though. I checked the game and it wasn't from there. Hmmm...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Creepy Doll

I was asked to watch this video:

It fits quite well with that stupid creepy doll I found. It hasn't tried to attack or kill me, but still... Creepy little thing.

I asked one of my friends to sell it on eBay, but he wouldn't so much as touch the thing. It was as if it was poisonous to touch. It was weird. He looked at it with scorn, as if he knew exactly what it represented and that nobody should have come across it. He immediately left the house before I could ask. Haven't heard from him since then, actually, and I've called him about twenty times.

The doll hasn't left my sight since then. It got on my nerves a little, so I gave it a shirt and some pants, neither of which fit. It makes the thing look a bit better, but it's still unnerving to look at. Can't fathom why though.

So, I'm actually missing Fringe. So I'm gonna go watch it and be back later.


Today, I actually got outside. After bargaining with the mysterious person (I made them breakfast and lunch and traded that) I walked outside. The house was REALLY run down. I mean, truly. It looked like no one had lived there for years. I know that's not true, but for the past year I haven't been able to see the exterior of my home.. So I'll have to live with it.

Someone passing by was looking at me as if they had seen a ghost. I tried to talk to them, but they ran away. My friends walked up afterward and were surprised I was outside. After that, I don't know. My friends said I just smiled and walked inside. The next thing I remember is actually sitting at the kitchen table, eating some microwave dinner.

I think I caught a glimpse of someone in my house. It may be the mysterious person, but I can't be too sure on that, since I've never seen them before. Hmmm....

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I made the mistake of attempting to leave once more. I walked onto my dusty porch for the first time in years. For once, it was not the hell I was used to seeing. Unfortunately, I blacked out soon after and awoke inside about an hour later. The door was unlocked, but I wasn't going back out again.

The noise is back again, too. I thought it had gone, but apparently not. It's that damn grating noise that threatens to will me to die. That horrid noise. I cringe just thinking about it. It's like a garbled mess of distorted audio from a screamo song, except it lasts forever and not 2-4 minutes.

The reason I haven't posted for hours is because I wanted to try two theories. It worked, too. I made myself a late dinner, more than I would eat. Made myself a plate, then made a second plate as well. I left a note by it that said 'Dinner for mysterious person. Payment is three pennies and the TV Remote'. Well, I left that plate and went to eat in my room. Thirty minutes later, I went back to the kitchen and low and behold.. On the counter, next to the empty plate and dirtied fork were three pennies and the TV Remote. So I can make trades with the mysterious person. Makes sense, and it may come in handy later.

In addition to my dinner theory, I also threw this old ratty shirt I had outside and left it there for a while. I later found it folded neatly on my bed with a note: 'HE DOESN'T DO LAUNDRY'. I don't think that has any significance. Of course the man doesn't do laundry. From what I can tell, all he does is stand outside my window staring at me until I go to look at him, at which point he's gone.

I also got a little bit of gaming out of the way. It was all the normal stuff on the Wii. You know, Mega Man 2, Majora's Mask, Tales of Symphonia, Cave Story... Yeah, I had to have a friend go out and buy me a points card for some of these, but most of these games I had before the man and the mysterious person entered my life. It's strange.. Sometimes even playing video games makes me feel like I did before all of this. Not normal, far from it. But like my old self. I wasn't always paranoid and worried all the time.. And before you object and say I don't sound paranoid and worried all the time, it's just the way I type.

Long story short (or tldr, as they say on the *chan), I got some stuff done. I'll be on to check for comments, but other than that I don't know. Talk to you later.


I took a nap and had the strangest dream.

I was standing in a field, holding a leash. The leash was connected to a person in a hooded cloak. I couldn't see their face. They were crouching next to me. It was like some master/slave relationship or something. And behind me.. Well, I know it was a guy. They had their hands on my shoulders. It was weird.

After I had taken in the situation, the dream started to distort. I was suddenly back in my house, but it was extremely dirty. The lights didn't work; I think the electricity was out. I started to fix everything up, but I heard rustling upstairs. I dropped the endtable I had picked up (the bang from the endtable hitting the floor startled me, actually) and the rustling got worse. I think someone was upstairs. As I went to investigate, I woke up.

I wonder what that was. I've never had a dream like that, especially not one so real. I actually had to go through and make sure my house wasn't messed up.

Made me so paranoid for a minute there.

Time to Kill

My internet has been out since 9am. I attempted to call the service provider, but the phones were down too. Apparently they were doing maintenance or something. Everything's back up and fine now, so I'm pretty much okay.

Today was one of those days.. It started off with making breakfast, but no sooner had I turned my back.. It was gone. I'm thinking the mysterious person stole it, but without evidence I can't really say. I had to make myself another serving, but at least the plate turned up an hour later. I gave the house a once-over, but I didn't find anything. Either the mysterious person moves around behind my back or I forgot to look somewhere. I doubt the latter; the former is much more plausible.

I haven't seen the man out of the corner of my eye at all today. It makes me think he's gone and I can return to a normal life, but somehow that doesn't seem like the correct answer. Even so, I wonder if I was simply hallucinating him. Or maybe he was the mysterious person. I don't know.

The rest of the day was actually pretty normal. Strange as it is, it was almost as if I wasn't trapped in my house. I watched TV and played Solitaire all day, sure, but it was actually the most normal day I've had in a year. I felt safe today. It was a good feeling. But regardless, the mysterious person was around today, so it wasn't completely normal.

Nevermind that last thought. I was typing out the final sentence of the last paragraph and heard a loud bang. When I went to check what it was, it turned out that someone had removed the hinges of one of the closets and the door fell to the hardwood floor. It was the closet where I put all the masks I find around the house. In the middle of the mess, I found a naked and faceless doll that looks stretched out of proportion. This is as weird as the time I found a trail of blood droplets leading to the completely blood-covered bathroom sink.

So I've put the door back up. Wasn't easy finding the right screws, but eventually I found the old screws scattered across the coffee table. One of them was stripped; I threw it away and didn't make an attempt to replace it.

You know, I think I've drawled on for long enough. I'll make another post later if I get bored.

Another Note

I woke up about an hour ago with another note laying on my chest. The note said this, in neat lettering:

speaking to you, my darling,
[this part was scratched out and is unreadable]"

I knew I felt watched before bed.

I don't think I'll go to sleep again tonight, but I'll try. Somehow, I'm not afraid.

Blog URL

I set the url to be "" and now it's different. Nobody else has access to this blog.

What the fuck.

Edit): I've decided not to change it, since it may just change back once I stop thinking about it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change of Approach

I just found a blog by someone in a similar situation to me.

It makes me want to try a lighthearted approach to my situation.

Will report back as soon as I can.

Edit: I keep trying to resize this image to 1800 x 1600, with a file size of 300k. For the background of this blog, you know? But I can't seem to do that. Either the file size ends up too big or the image size ends up too small (fooking Photoshop isn't working with me). Anyone know anything I can do to fix it?


Sorry I left so quickly. I heard some paper rustling under the door and had to check it out. It was another note from the mysterious person. I don't have a camera or a scanner, so I can't show you. I saw the man destroying them both. I tried getting new ones, but those went missing before I could even get them out of the box. I've since stopped trying to get them.

Anyway, the note. It was a really scratchy drawing of a forest in pen. I could kind of make out what appears to be some kind of man standing in the middle. On the top and bottom were sketches of what I think are the masks. It takes up all the white at the top and bottom of the page. In white-out on the top and bottom are the words 'I SEE YOU FOREVER'.

I've gotten hundreds of these notes, all of similar content and fashion. I've actually borrowed a filing cabinet from a friend of mine just so I can sort these pages. I used to keep them in a pile in the corner of my room. At least it's relatively clean here now.
I just don't understand these notes. It's all a mystery to me.

First Post

Hello. You need not know my name, for it won't matter soon, but it's nice to meet you.

I've made this blog to chronicle what may be my final days. I don't know how long it will run.

I'm constantly hearing it now, that grating noise that rubs against my mind and scratches my ears. My vision is constantly at risk of changing to show me only a garbled mess. Almost every day, I'm left messages by a mysterious person. I don't know who they are or how they get in my house, but they leave as quickly as they come. And the messages are always the same jumbled mess of drawings and words that I can barely make out.

But, in retrospect, I have to wonder why. Why was I chosen to live such a life? I'm trapped, utterly and completely. I can't even leave my house anymore. Any attempt at such a feat transports me into a dark world of rusted metal and chains. All I can do is worry the friends I used to have, and depend on them for food and money for bills. I don't know how long that can last.

There are only three constants in my new world: The mysterious person, my home, and the man.

Oh, did I not mention the man? He's always around, watching me like I'm some sort of hamster in a cage. He stands outside my window, outside every window. He looks like some sort of FBI agent, but I can never get a good look at him. I notice him through the corners of my eyes, but when I turn to look he is gone. I don't know what he wants, but leaving messages for him doesn't change anything.

I've started to see masks around the house the last few days. Masks of all kinds, all makes, all designs. I sometimes stop and put them to my face, to see what would happen, but I always have to pull back. The inside burns my face like fire. I always end up screaming.

It reminds me of my favorite game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. You know, the URL of this blog is actually based on the game. Somehow, I think it's appropriate.

...I have to go now. I found another note.