Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Anya explained just about everything, but I still don't understand. She's around here somewhere looking for ways to explain but I don't think I'll get it.

We bargained for a new TV today, didn't get that. So we changed the bargain to another fucking piece of cryptic nonsense. I don't even know how she survives this crap. Her friends are weird as hell, she talks to herself and doesn't know how to deal with other people.. I don't get her at all. We've been explaining eachother to eachother but it's like she doesn't explain enough! And then when she dissappears at night... Oh, it's like 2-3am now, she just up and disappears. It's weird enough that she says I dissappear, but she dissappears now too!

On another note... I don't know. I'm already going crazy and I've only been here for not too long. I mean, Anya's been stuck here for a year now. How she's stayed as sane as she is, I don't know. She's probably half crazy though.

Bored. Gonna go watch TV.


  1. ...out of curiosity, what exactly is it like when you all try to leave the house?

  2. As soon as I step out, I get a little dizzy and when that feeling goes away I notice that everything's gone Silent Hill. There aren't any monsters but the profound darkness and rust-filled landscape is chilling in its own right.
    Anya doesn't know, but I tried to investigate it. I found her tattoo on some random beam that appeared to hold up the sky. When I turned back to get to the house, I couldn't find it anywhere. I had only stepped a few yards away but it was gone. So I turned back around and retraced my steps and somehow ended up back in the house.

  3. hmmm mabye i was right, mabye SM is taking you guys, for some reason... would explan why shes dissappering and such things.... and try barggining for a cam