Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sorry, haven't been posting. I know, I know. But Todd wants the blog to have only one post per day, so it's been kind of weird. I know the blog should have more posts than I can manage, but Todd wants manageable nonsense. Going to try to get Todd to say one post a day per person, though.

And he's so neat, too. He's cleaned up this entire house in the time he's been here. Almost like a maid. He demanded demands for the mysterious person  as payment. I gave them to him, but none of his demands worked. It appears that physical objects can't be obtained unless you already own them. I guess I'll have to get my friends to get what he wants, even though he hates them.

I don't get why Todd hates my friends so much. He says they freak him out somehow. They act normal to me. Well, relatively normal. I don't know what's normal nowadays. It might be black-clothed gothic crybabies and a group of people that all look the same because it's "unique" (And I still say, it's not to be in a group of friends that all do and wear the same things.) ... I have no clue.

Well, I stopped for a while just to make lunch. Needed to bargain for a replacement glass. The other day I heard something shatter while Todd and I were taking a break from playing some stupid game. Walked into the kitchen and a glass was shattered into pieces on the floor. And you know, I actually got the replacement glass AND an apology. I had no idea the mysterious person was polite enough to replace the glass even though they don't give us anything new.


  1. Hmm wierd, the person know kindness. test him, on how kind he really is. like ask about leaveing and see what his anwser is.

  2. Could be that your Mysterious Person is in the same boat as you are, actually. Someone else holding all of you captive, Mysterious Person forced to stay out of sight and communicate your needs/wants to your captor.