Tuesday, April 19, 2011


That's weird, Anya suddenly walked into the other room and started playing Bioshock. We both previously found that she doesn't like that game at all. Denial, much? The game's on full blast, too. It's funny. She's darkened the entire room and is screaming like every time there's a jump scare. I think she actually likes it, but I want her to play a little more of the game before asking. She MIGHT just be playing to make sure she doesn't like it. I can't tell but it looks that way.
I checked the news today, too. Nobody's looking for me. It's as if I never even existed. I googled my name and nothing came up for me. I tried to call my sister but when I finally got the phone to work my sis was saying things like she never had a brother, which is absolutely crazy in all hell. Fuck, I can't tell if this is one big joke or if it's real. And Anya wouldn't tell me anything about it. She'd get all quiet and look at me with this look as if she was saying 'shit dog, you're fucked' or something. I am going to get her tell me everything. Fricken a, this is fucked up.


  1. Could be an attempt to find some common ground for the two of you to talk about.

    In any case, I highly suggest you two sort things out. From what I can tell through text (not much), both of you are suspicious of each other. This? Is not good, either for cohabitation or for dealing with whatever weird, unnatural crap the two of you are going through. You're in the same boat; it's time to start rowing in unison.

  2. Hell yeah I'm suspicious of her! She doesn't want to tell me anything. Sure, she told me the basics, but I doubt that's enough to keep myself from going crazy around here. Just last night after Anya went to bed, I went around the entire house yelling at whoever is keeping us the fuck here. I don't even know who keeps us here. Anya told me it was probably the Slender Man, but she's probably fucking nuts since SM ISN'T REAL.
    Apologies for blowing up. I needed to throw all of my hate at someone, and there you were.

  3. Dude, i hate to burst your ignorince bubble, but he is real. mabye in MB hes not, but look at tribe 12. and Can is right, find some fucking common ground, you two wont be able to help each other if shit goes down, b/c you wont know eachoher. And dude shes as fucking scarred as you are. rember what she and i have said, barggen for info. tthats the only way you'll make sence of this all

  4. No offense taken. Totally understandable to need to vent.

    Depending on whether or not you believe in Tulpa Theory, Tall, Pale, and Faceless may or may not be real.

    There are several theories right now. Revised Core Theory is going with the idea that SM is real and there is only one of him. Tulpa Theory is one of the most popular, and states that SM is a thoughtform created by the spreading of the idea of SM. Thus why I was hesitant to even mention him until you all did, just in case you were dealing with something unrelated.

    Quite a bit in your situation relates to SM, actually. Ask Anya about the doll and the masks, though I believe you've already encountered the latter.

  5. Also, weird, but why are new entries being posted by "Inunah" instead of The Chronicler?

  6. I can't find any instance of entries posted by someone with that name.

  7. Well, thats what it's showing up as in my Reading List.

  8. Well, I don't know. I use the link to get to the blogger new post thing that Anya told me to use.

    I asked her about it and she said she borrowed the account from a friend she met on a forum, since when she attempted to make an account she never received the activation email or some other stupid reason.