Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry about that guys. I was taking an Easter break and got wrapped up yesterday in a fun game called Portal 2. Todd says his family had a tradition of sending little Easter baskets with wrapped gifts (a la Christmas) and candy in them, so I decided to go with that. So I've been playing his games a lot lately so I'd know what to get him. I eventually decided on The Orange Box. I asked Link to go get it for Xbox 360, but he came back with the PC version since he couldn't find the other.

He opened his basket first, since I got to bed so late and he got up so early. I woke up with Todd playing Half-Life Episode 2 on my laptop and eating a giant chocolate bunny. I got up and opened my basket. Portal 2 for the Xbox 360 was in it, along with a box of Good and Plenty. So, since then that's all I've been doing. After a while, Todd got up and went in there with me to watch me play Portal 2, WHILE he played Portal 1. It was crazy, but at least we have something to talk about now.

Got a few notes in the meantime, but nothing big. Just the normal stuff. Haven't seen that man out of the corner of my eye for a while now. Either it's because I'm sitting lower than the window, or he's gone. Either way, it's wonderful to get a break from all of the stuff that's been going on.

I just realized something. Every time I get a note, Todd is in another room. I never see him find a note, because if he does, he's in another room. There's something about that that seems wrong, but Todd doesn't think there's anything suspicious about that. What if (and I know this may sound crazy) Todd is the mysterious person, and he doesn't even know it?

I should go. To find some proof.

EDIT: The title of this post didn't sound appropriate after looking at it for a second....


  1. you know your idea does make sence, its why he doesnt belive in all that has happen. Buttt hmmm see if you ask for a note and then just stay by todd to see if one does still come. And good job with portal 2. happy zombie jesus day!

  2. That would involve some serious time-travel or lost time/blackouts on Todd's part. Have either of you experienced that kind of thing?

    Also, still waiting on an answer as to why posts are coming from "Inunah." New post alerts look like this for me:
    posted by Inunah at The Chronicle - 1 hour ago

  3. A friend of mine from some IRC channel asked me to keep tabs on comments and views of her blog, and in return allowed me to make my own blog on her account.

  4. Ah, makes sense. Just...came a bit out of left field when I noticed. It seemed like another case of something messing with you.