Friday, April 8, 2011

Creepy Doll

I was asked to watch this video:

It fits quite well with that stupid creepy doll I found. It hasn't tried to attack or kill me, but still... Creepy little thing.

I asked one of my friends to sell it on eBay, but he wouldn't so much as touch the thing. It was as if it was poisonous to touch. It was weird. He looked at it with scorn, as if he knew exactly what it represented and that nobody should have come across it. He immediately left the house before I could ask. Haven't heard from him since then, actually, and I've called him about twenty times.

The doll hasn't left my sight since then. It got on my nerves a little, so I gave it a shirt and some pants, neither of which fit. It makes the thing look a bit better, but it's still unnerving to look at. Can't fathom why though.

So, I'm actually missing Fringe. So I'm gonna go watch it and be back later.


  1. What happen on fringe? i was at work since 3. and mabye hes like me, knows stuff about whos stalking you

  2. What happened on Fringe? Nothing. It was a rerun.

    You know stuff? Spill it. I'm tired of being kept in the dark. I can't find out much of anything with google.

  3. oh, i thought it was a new one.

    And this guy's name who stalks you, might be slenderman. But i am unsure, he goes by many names but it all comes back to that. He nomaly hunts children but has taken a likeing to tormenting others lifes. such has the guys from EVERYMANHYBRID and Marlble Hornts and tribe 12's noah. Most discribe slenderman as being very tall with a thin body and long arms and legs. Kinda like the doll... has there been any symblos that are like out of the norm? like


    lets turn out that i am wrong......

  4. Woah, I found that first image through google images a while back. I got it tattooed on the back of my left hand because it looked cool.

    That's the only occurance I've seen of either image, though.

  5. hmmmmm when was that? and how long ago did this stuff with slender(unknow guy) start?

  6. Well, I got the tattoo about a year and 2 or 3 months ago, and the scat hit the fan about a year ago.

  7. hmmmm mabye it has to do something with him....., couldnt hurt to ask him. and for a year you have been dealing with this?? damn.

  8. Yeah, it sucks, but it's not too bad. I never really left the house before except for work and shopping, so it's not much different.

    I'll ask, but I doubt I'll get a coherent answer.

  9. ...question. Did you give the little doll a suit? Because that may turn out to have been a bad idea.