Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I caught a little stomach virus and slept for an entire two and a half days. I don't know who posted that Kirby video here, but I think it was Cremia. She WAS the only one here for the past two days, making sure I didn't die in the night or something. I think I have it so I'm always logged in, so she may have hijacked my blog a little.

She was looping that video the entire time, too. Just like it said in the post.

At one point I may have been hallucinating. I saw some scrawny guy in a hooded cloak rummaging through the filing cabinet that holds all of the notes. I can't find that they took any, so it must have been my imagination. Cremia denies ever hearing the filing cabinet ever opening, too.

But other than that, there wasn't any of the usual weird stuff going on. In fact, there were a few times when I would think Cremia had gone home or something then a few minutes later she would still be around fussing about me wordlessly, and that was the only weird thing that even happened.

It's so good to be back up and about, though. I feel so much better.


  1. Well its good to hear that your better, i kinda had a bad feeling that the guy has kidnaped you. And as for this guy looking thro the cabinet, mabye he was looking for one that he really needed or was seeing if you had all of them. did you look to see if the person had put any new ones in??

  2. I checked up and down, there was nothing new or missing.

  3. Well hmmmmmm idk why that guy was there. are you going to make another post after dinner??

  4. How long did you watch the hooded guy rummage through the notes? And also, first time posting.

  5. I'll post now, now that the shitstorm's died down.