Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm getting back into the routine of things. Less groceries means we can't trade things with the mysterious person any longer, but I can accept that. There wasn't much to trade food for anyway, not anything allowed.

You know, Todd's really getting into the creepy stuff now. He wasn't much of a fan or whatever before, but now he reads it every night. And just this morning he somehow got me into a discussion about something he called "Ben Drowned" or something. He said it involved my favorite game in the entire world, so I at least agreed to watch the videos and read the story tonight after it gets dark. Pretty stupid, if you ask me. He's actively trying to make me hate the game, I swear. It's creepy enough already...

Oh, and speaking of Todd, he was so happy to see me when he woke up after I got back... That he kissed me. On the cheek, thankfully (We're just friends. I've never thought of him otherwise.), but still. That was weird! I would have never guessed he liked me that much. I thought he was like he is because I was the only person around to talk to.

Got some notes, too. "OUT OF THE LOOP," (An image on my computer called "mprtntdoc.jpg" that, when opened, caused my computer to play the 'got an important item' jingle from some 8-bit game. The image was one long line from top to bottom of the image.), "FORGET WHAT I SEE," and "BELIEVE" (This one was written in a scrawly but recognizable form of Todd's handwriting). Again, I don't have any clue what any of it is supposed to mean. The last one having Todd's handwriting is kind of suspicious, but I've also seen the handwriting of notes go from unrecognizeable (Most of the notes) to one of my friends' handwriting (A rare few of the notes).

Oh my god, I left that soup on the stove, I think I better go turn it off before it boils over!


  1. Just wondering, have you decided to go and invetagate the adtic again? with todd this time?

  2. No. Definitely not. I can't go back up there or let Todd go up there. Something was up there, something dead, and it looked like someone took a machete and cut off his/her/its face. And then wore the rest of the head as a mask.

    I'm sorry... I don't want to say any more. It was... horrifying, to say the least.