Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Hell

I had the weirdest dream. I was still in Anya's house, but it was different. None of her furniture was around, and the furniture that was (it wasn't hers) was toppled everywhere. The place was a damn mess and both the front and side doors were open. I looked around for someone on the first floor, but nobody was around. All I could find was a VHS with a weird label, which I picked up. I began walking up the stairs after that, when I realized there was a mask on my face. I couldn't pull it off, either. I gave up after a moment when I heard someone. I tried to talk, but that didn't work either, so I peeked around the corner, into the bathroom. I saw someone there. They had a flashlight, so I couldn't see them well. My eyes were trying to adjust to the light. But when I was just about able to see them.. I woke up.
That dream was so realistic that I must have sleepwalked. I ended up waking up in the same spot I was in the dream. Anya said she had been calling me for ten minutes, but after that had found me walking around and was trying to wake me up. The damn VHS tape was in my hand. Anya said I was holding it when she found me.
We popped the thing inside some old VHS player we found in the attic, but all we could get it to do was play static the entire time (We tested the VHS with other tapes, and this weird one was the only one that didn't play). Since neither of us have any experience with getting broken VHS tapes to play, all we could do was put it away and ask her friends later.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the tape is labeled "Todd and Anya's Play Date, 1993 March 13, California". That's weird, though. I wouldn't have even been born, Anya would have only been 3, and neither of us have ever been to California. In fact, we've never lived in the same state.


  1. I don't think editing Todd's post would be very nice, so I'll say it here. Todd wrote this up the other day but I called him away and we both forgot about it until today.

    Why there haven't been any posts in between is because we were trying to convince my friends to help with the tape, which they all replied with a firm no.

  2. That dream? Sounds a lot like you were in the house the police went to when you called. Maybe you and Anya are between worlds or something, as hokey and sci-fi as that sounds.