Sunday, May 1, 2011


The noise is gone. Thank god. It's finally gone.
Bad thing is that I saw that guy for the first time. You know. That guy. I saw him from the back as I was scanning the area. Anya can't believe I saw him full on, but it's true. I saw him. The moment the noise stopped, there he was, out in the garden. Bald as a baby's butt and looking like he was going to some funeral. Kind of like that bald guy on some show one of my friend's watched. Said the guy was an observer, but not of what. Kind of confusing, but same concept.
And as confused as I am about the situation, I'm actually okay with it. I actually kind of like it here. I know Anya probably thinks I'm a whackjob. Don't care though. Do not care at all.
But to be honest, I can't be alone anymore. As much as I'm okay with being here, I'm freaked out enough that being alone in a room is terrifying. Anya understands that and doesn't complain when I follow her around and attempt to join in on what she's doing, but it probably bugs her. A lot.
You know, I don't think our captor's goal is to make us fight, either. I think his goal is something tedious and not worth shit.


  1. Perhaps you two are part of an experiment.

  2. That's what I keep thinking, but if that was true then I think it would be an isolation experiment. There would be no internet or telephone usage. My friends wouldn't be able to contact me in any way whatsoever.

    What kind of experiment is it when you can do everything except leave the house, anyway?

  3. Except that you can't. You're cut off from any real friends or family you have, forced to rely on strangers. You have absolutely no contact with anyone you knew prior to the onset of the experiment. You can do only what you are allowed to, as evidenced by the fact that you cannot have a camera or scanner, cannot stop the noise when it starts, and cannot speak to the one you assume is holding you captive. You don't have as many freedoms as you think you do.

    Whoever is holding you here must have some reason. Have you tried to ask why you're being held?

  4. You're right. But hell, it's pretty nice what freedoms we do have.
    ....wait a minute, you said we couldn't have cameras? Damnit, now that I'm looking closer that must be the reason why my PS2 Eye Toy and PSP Camera are gone (The games using them are still here though, which is why I'm only noticing this now) and why I got my DS Lite instead of my DSi.
    Fucking hell, they could've just ran my DSi's firmware back to before uploading to facebook was added. And damn, neither the Eye toy or the PSP camera can upload to the internet or record. I mean, the only reason not to have a camera or scanner is so we can't send you guys proof, right? Well how can an Eye Toy or PSP Camera be used for fucking proof?

  5. Mabye he doesnt want to take the chance that you can figure out how to make it uplode. but wow, you saw him. if you have seen all the videos from Marble hornits, tribe 12 or everyman hybrids, does he look like that? also mabye they dont knowe how to change the firmware on the DSi. and i think anya is alright with you being like a litte bro to her.

  6. It could just be that recording equipment of any sort, even the kind that isn't that useful, is not allowed. Cameras are said to be able to see what the human eye cannot, so maybe it would allow you to see through the world that awaits every time you leave the house. On the other hand, it might let you see something in the house with you that might shatter your sanity, and this is the Mysterious Person's (or your captor's, if they are not one in the same) way of keeping you at least somewhat grounded.