Thursday, May 5, 2011


My friends all attempted to fix the tape. None of them could get it better than total static. They said that might be all that's on it. I couldn't do anything but agree with them. My friends aren't technical geniuses, but they know how to get VCRs to play troublesome VHS tapes.

To reiterate on the last post, I wouldn't have been three. I would have been two. I mean, I'm only three years older than Todd. Not four.

Anyway, back to the VHS tape. The title IS rather odd, but I'd bet that if all that's on the tape IS static, then it's just a scare tactic. I'm sure of it. It can't be real. It just CAN'T. It's impossible to go forwards or backwards in time, isn't it?


  1. The fact that you're only a year or so younger than I am and that Todd is roughly the same age as my younger brother kind of hit me a bit hard. Perspective, ahoy!

    Did a quick google search and came up with advice on mending a tape that's been severed, but none on removing static or simple repairs. Have you tried adjusting the tracking on your VCR? Another alternative would be to have someone transfer the tape to a DVD.

    Then there's the possibility that the tape you're trying to view is actually a computer backup. Not sure where you could get a system that would read it, but if all you're getting is a constant stream of static no matter what you try, you may have computer data.

  2. If it's computer data, then we'll never get to it. You know how those assholes don't want us sending you guys proof.