Sunday, May 8, 2011


We found out that Todd's consoles cause the computer's internet connection to short out. It didn't stop him from playing all of his little Xbox Live games, but it DID stop me from getting on the internet.

What we found out about the tape was where Todd remembers it was in his dream. He found it under a half-open floorboard under a toppled couch. We checked, and indeed it looks like something was there, but it was just an empty hole under the floor now. We put that floorboard back and decided to offer it to the mysterious person. Left him a note that said "Take this and bury it in the backyard" along with lunch. Thankfully, he took it and we haven't seen it since.

Todd's been really into anime and manga lately. He had my friends go out with his money (The last $100 he had on him, too. It was a gift card, though) and buy him all these DVD sets and manga volumes. It was crazy. He got a LOT of Zelda mangas, and the DVDs were for stuff like Axis Powers: Hetalia and Azumanga Daioh. He claims he's going to make me read the manga and watch the anime, but I doubt he can make me. Though that Hetalia stuff looks kind of cute.

Other than the exciting stuff, there was a few notes gotten. I think some of them were covered in dried blood, but I can't be sure. They were really creepy. I can't even explain how creepy these things are. But there's nothing I can do about them, except file them away.

You know, nothing's really been happening since Todd showed up.


  1. fucking todd, lolz jk. Do you have a radio in your house? mabye if you do, you can almost make a ham radio, something to contact the outside world, where people can talk back to you or something. just an idea. and that was almost nice of "him" to do that favor. and lolz manga, hes turing into a weebo. Could you post what they said, we might be able to help you decode them or something.

  2. Note 1 (To me): "WE WILL WAIT NO MORE."
    Note 3 (To Todd): No words, just one of the generic creepy forest drawings
    Note 4 (To me): "FANTASTIC" with a drawing of a creepy smiley face. Must note that this was all on a shopping list I made at one point.
    Note 5 (To both of us): "SUCCESS" with a drawing of a knife and the Tribe Twelve operator symbol.

    We have a radio, but it doesn't work at all. All stations relay nothing but static. Even music CDs don't work in it.

  3. hmmm, mabye they want you to like ask todd something he knows. but he cant reamber. mabye that guy is looking to be more human, and whats one way? makeing a shopping list. see if you can ask for whats on that list by useing that note. what does the knife look like? and the eye thingy from Tribe 12, or the (x) from MH?

  4. also about the radio, thats a shame, do you have an ipod touch or new nano? the touch, you can get a radio app, and the new nano has it built in