Thursday, May 19, 2011

This! Is! Insanity! *Kick*

I've been around, but not sure what to post. Anya usually helps me think of some content on boring days, but now everything's weird. I've left whatshisface a note saying I can't feed anyone except myself anymore, and I've yet to get a response. Somehow, I doubt that anyone's listening.
I think I've deciphered what happened, sort of. I don't know why, but someone (possibly our jailer. Yes, I'm calling him/her/it a jailer) took her away. To where? I'm thinking from the way Anya was talking that they thought her story was bullshit and her identity was fabricated, so they locked her in some crazy house with the genuinely crazy ones. Now, 4 or 5 hours away? That's a big stretch. May be so no one can identify her. I haven't gotten anymore calls or Twitter messages (Yes, I saw that), so I can't say if I'm right or not. Just a guess.
And I read an actual newspaper today, even though it was just one of those small town newspapers. Anya's friends brought it for me to see. Appears the police came and raided this place because someone saw some guy who wasn't with the cleaning crew (We don't have a cleaning crew, so what the fuck?) walking in and out of here periodically, but they found nothing. "Alister" says his girlfriend's brother said that at least one officer was holding a stakeout here. I checked the house but no one was found.
Oh, and I finally got groceries. Not too much. Just some packages of ham, bread, water flavoring, and about a ton of instant noodles. No soda, no candy, no breakfast food, not even a pack of gum. "Lizzy" said everyone's been on a financial crunch since "Paul" lost his job (this proves my suspicion that they all lived together) and they couldn't afford to buy me some damn groceries. Well, at least there's some food, now.

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