Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorry, again

We woke up one morning to find the laptop smashed. My friends have been scrounging round for money ever since. The new laptop had a camera on it yesterday when we were setting it up (we took pictures and everything as a test) but when we got up today the camera looked like it had been dug out with a knife. The images are missing, too. I guess that's that.

The other day was so odd... I woke up to find Todd standing outside. The REAL outside. He sounded like he was talking to someone, but when I looked out the window, he was alone. And sleepwalking. But that's not the point. We haven't bargained with the mysterious person at all lately. How Todd was able to stand outside in the REAL outside, we'll never know. I can't open the door without seeing weird Silent Hill world, so I knocked on the window hard enough to jar him awake. He came inside and told me he was outside, the real outside. Unfortunately, Todd doesn't know how he got there or who he was talking to.

Since the last post, all the notes have just said "TODD" and had a scribbling that looks like one or two of the masks in the pile that's accumulating in the closet. I should really find a way to get rid of those things.

Also, you wouldn't believe it, but Todd and I have been living together for so long it's almost like we can read eachother's minds now. Strange, huh?

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